Software is complex, and complex software doubly so. Our testing teams, comprised of fallible humans, are challenged with finding the tiniest of errors in a seemingly infinite domain. Once we’re satisfied with a version, we start all over again. It’s no wonder that teams are looking to automation in hopes of easing their workload. Beginning correctly is essential, however, and, in this session, Steven will explain how to do just that. He will begin with assessing team skills to determine the level of technical skills and interest among the testers and developers. He will discuss the need for finding allies and for getting management buy-in before starting – or forgiveness after getting underway. You’ll learn methods for identifying the areas of your project that would be good starting points for automation, and the importance of determining the right course of action.


Steven Vore

Steven Vore has been working in software support and testing for the better part of the past two decades. His focus has been on networking protocols and applications. Steven has held positions with large defense contractors and computer manufacturers as well as startups in the telecommunications and health care industries.