Take charge, adapt, and program your “code” to happiness

Trained from childhood to become masters of the sword, the Samurai are remembered as among the greatest warriors in history. Inevitably however, as in every era circumstances changed, leaving the Samurai no more battles to fight. Rather than simply fading into history, they adapted to a peacetime world by doing three things; assuming responsibility for their path in life, adapting to their changing environment and applying what they learned to their lives. The code by which they lived – Bushido!

In this presentation, John Godoy draws from his Japanese heritage and his experiences as a martial artist, endurance athlete, and coach to takes us on a journey through the code of the Samurai and teaches us to develop a code for our own lives, a code that will guide us through the inevitable challenges of our changing era!

  • Accept responsibility for your own life to achieve greatness
  • Prepare to adapt to the challenges in business and in life
  • Program your own personal life code for prospering and succeeding

Keynote Speaker:

John Godoy, John Godoy Lifestyle

John Godoy is a coach, athlete, entrepreneur, and a martial artist. Through experiences forged as an intercollegiate sports coach in Canada, a baseball strength coach in the Dominican Republic, a financial expat in Tokyo, and as a personal trainer in Chicago, John is a master of teaching others how to harness their potential in order to enhance their personal and professional performance. Using stories and lessons taken from the gritty baseball fields of Santiago, to the hallowed boardrooms of the Trump hotel in Chicago, John uses common sense as a tool to empower his audiences to get the most out of their lives. By blending Eastern wisdom, Western philosophy, and American practicality in his approach to helping people, he empowers his audiences to get the most out of their professional and personal lives.