Ambiguity reviews are a proactive approach in the requirements phase to ensure requirements are quantitative, clear, and concise. This results in defect reduction during design, construction, and testing phases. In this session, Susan will discuss how to perform an ambiguity review, how to structure an ambiguity review template, providing basic metrics for the review, and keyword tips to find ambiguities in your requirements. Attend this session and you can expect to learn how to improve the effectiveness of your analysis to define test strategies and test cases, how to Increase the requirements understanding of your offshore development and QA teams, how to extend ambiguity review principles to other lifecycle documentation, and how to increase test coverage through an increased understanding of the requirements.


Susan Schanta, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Susan Schanta has spent over 20 years managing large-scale programs and quality assurance projects in both new ventures and global Fortune 500 companies. She brings with her vast experience spanning the financial, healthcare, and retail domains. She has led corporate initiatives in business optimization, onshore-to-offshore transitions, and QA enterprises including SDLC management, automation, and performance. Susan’s expertise in industry-best practices and project execution has helped companies to achieve their goals. Her proven experience includes implementing lifecycle disciplines through change management, sharply reducing budget variances related to estimation techniques, improving performance of tiered applications, introducing new disciplines for UAT execution, and devising calibration methods to measure these achievements.