Philip Lew, PhD, XBOSoft

After working in a variety of management and technical positions in product development and product management, Philip Lew currently leads XBOSoft’s direction and strategy as their CEO. His PhD research in software quality and usability resulted in several IEEE and ACM journal publications. He is also a frequent conference speaker on the topics of web application usability, user experience, and quality evaluation. In the past 20 years, Phil has helped hundreds of organizations assess the quality of their software, examine software quality processes, and set forth measurement plans. His current post-doctorate research areas are focused on user experience measurement frameworks and software learnability.

QUEST 2013 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Workshop: Understanding, Evaluating, and Improving Mobile App Usability

Thursday, April 18, 2013: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM | Room:

User experience and usability are key ingredients of any successful mobile app. In this workshop, Phil will describe the differences between the two as important elements of software quality from the end user viewpoint. User experience, in particular, is an element that many forget until the end and generally don’t know how to measure since there are no standard definitions. Phil will discuss quality modeling and how usability and user experience should be modeled for the enterprise. This discussion will range from the initial components of quality, to breaking usability and user experience down into measureable characteristics for mobile apps, and then, using these characteristics to derive metrics. These metrics can then be used to benchmark, analyze, and improve the app toward end user satisfaction. Beyond this, Phil will also review a case study where various measurements were implemented to show actual usability improvement.

  • Understand the difference between usability and user experience.
  • Develop a usability model for your organization.
  • Explore key design and evaluation principles in software usability for mobile applications.