Basivi Junna, Scalar USA, Inc.

Basivi Junna is a strategic consultant for software QA and testing. With 15 years of IT experience and over seven years of QA and Test Management experience, he is a proven technology leader for test automation. Basivi is very technical and hands on, instrumental in driving technical solutions for testing complex systems. He has established standards, best practices and processes for all phases and types of testing, and has enforced governance around their compliance. He has an In-depth knowledge of SDLC methodologies, software testing, test automation, and test management as well as deep experience in test process assessment and improvement, test auditing, and test metrics.

QUEST 2013 Conference and EXPO Sessions:

Workshop: Test Assessment: A Systematic Approach to Find and Close Testing Gaps

Friday, April 19, 2013: 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM | Room:

Software testing as a profession has grown tremendously over past two decades but, as a discipline, it is still evolving. There are many organizations that conduct only ad hoc testing on their applications, counting on the ability of their developers to produce clean code. While others, though serious, are not very systematic in their approach to testing due to lack of expertise. We have seen companies that go into fire drill mode to fix defects in production after every release. In this workshop, Basivi will explain the symptoms that call for test assessment, a systematic approach to conduct test assessments, and how to identify opportunities for improvement. Join Basivi to understand the procedure for calculating opportunities for improvement and how to close the gaps in testing in your organization. You will leave with a test assessment process and a template that will allow you to begin improvements immediately

  • Recognize the symptoms that call for a test assessment
  • Learn a systematic approach to conducting test assessments
  • Identify opportunities for improvement