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Game Changer Leaders’ Views on QA Value in an Age of Digital Disruption

Thursday, April 18, 2013: 8:30 AM - 9:25 AM | Room:

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We are in an age of digital disruption that creates turmoil that is swifter, deadlier, and more inevitable than any we have seen before. It is imperative that we understand how important it is to have policies and business practices in place that will enable us to adapt to the change that digital disruption can bring. A critical factor in the preparation for digital disruption is how well our quality assurance practices adapt to the need of customer experience demands. Customers are becoming more dependent on having a product sooner and being able to participate in the direction setting of the product or service. These customer expectations drive more frequent releases. The QA challenge resides in the shortened delivery cycle and the customer’s zero tolerance for error as it relates to release functionality. The functionality of the release must work and work well every time. How prepared are we? What must our QA policies look like to live up to the pace of digital disruption based on customer expectations? Join us and gain insight provided by our panel of game changer CIO’s. They will let us know how they access quality assurance in the age of Digital Disruption.


Kathie Topel, IMPACTInsights

Business strategist and author of the successful leadership book POWERSHIP®, Kathie Topel, is Managing Partner of IMPACTinsights, part of SPR Companies. She has first-hand experience managing, building and implementing corporate organizational change strategies to provide financial balance, strategic growth and company-wide motivation within the IT, consulting, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain industries. Kathie possesses a unique understanding of what it takes to run a large number of businesses in today’s world and has helped numerous organizations including United Airlines, Kraft Foods, Johnson Controls, Horace Mann and Cabot Microelectronics achieve maximum operational efficiency. As an innovative leader and recognized international speaker, Kathie has presented on a variety of topics surrounding employee growth, leadership, innovation, strategy and motivation. She has truly made aligning IT projects, tools and teams with business strategy her life’s work.