Our economy has been turned upside down, the employer-employee relationship has been turned on its head, and technology has significantly altered how we work together and communicate. Still we are expected to be highly productive, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase profitability. We all know that increased employee engagement is highly likely to contribute positively to all of these, but how many of us really feel engaged? This highly interactive session will look at employee engagement in an engaging way. Participants in this experiential session will look at what employee engagement is and what it is not, the impact of employee engagement on our business and personal lives, and practical ideas that can be used to increase employee engagement in organizations. Beware! When you put some of these ideas to work, you might become emotionally attached to your job, generate enthusiasm, and enable others to really care about their work too!

  • Learn what employee engagement is and is not
  • Understand why employee engagement is important
  • Explore practical ideas to increase employee engagement in your organization

Workshop Leaders: ;

Elizabeth Glaser, PhD, The Boeing CompanyJoyce Sattovia, The Boeing Company

Elizabeth Glaser, Ph.D., is a Process Specialist with The Boeing Company, focusing on improving organizational and individual effectiveness. She has served in various capacities, including software and systems engineer, and program manager. Elizabeth has over 14 years of experience providing direction to increase effectiveness in people practices and processes and incorporating effective change management techniques to successfully and economically increase organizational capability. Elizabeth is an experienced trainer who incorporates experiential activities to make the concepts come alive to demonstrate and reinforce concepts for participants inside and outside of Boeing. Elizabeth has a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology as well as MS degrees in Computer Science and Organizational Development.

Joyce Sattovia is a Process Specialist in Information Technology at The Boeing Company. She supports deployment and use of standard processes, quality assurance, measurement, and process improvement activities. With a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Joyce has over 30 years of experience that include software engineering, project management, software quality assurance, organizational development, and process improvement. Joyce is an experienced trainer both inside and outside of Boeing. Her effectiveness in training lies in her usage of experiential learning techniques to demonstrate the concepts and involve the participants. She is accomplished at making ideas come alive for her audience.