With the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud computing, and client side scripting coupled with web services, how do you guarantee code coverage? Many of these components can easily go uncovered leading to defects and disappointing user experiences. Michael will discuss the importance of unit test coverage and show techniques, tips, and tricks that simplify the process of guaranteeing complete coverage for Internet enabled solutions. He will highlight subtle but common unit testing issues that allow defects to slip into the field. Illustrated specific quick start and real world rollout strategies help you identify, isolate, and then remove latent uncovered code before your customer tells you about it. Unit testing is an important part of a comprehensive quality program. Join Michael to improve this phase of your testing program today.


Michael Portwood

With more than 20 years of leadership experience, Michael Portwood’s passion is advancing the business of software development. His focus is on the innovation, management, methodologies, and technologies that enable business value creation. Michael has brought practical development and quality innovations to companies from startups to the Fortune® 50. He has led, architected, and developed diverse systems including Web 2.0 category and brand management micro-segmentation decision support services supporting web and mobile devices, patented prescription compliance services, patented rapid software application development tools, and developed real-time embedded systems and associated automated test equipment.