Software defects become more costly to address as a software project moves from design to development to test and deployment. Because of difficulties with characterization, reproduction, and importance of defects, struggles over defect management often take valuable project time that can slow down the release of new features. Project participants have different motivations in the defect process, causing much of the conflict. This presentation describes the conflicts inherent in defect management and provides a framework for defect processes across a variety of projects. It looks at how clear information on requirements, user stories, defect identification, characterization, and status helps teams to avoid disagreements, resulting in higher quality software delivered more quickly. Attend Peter’s presentation and learn how a well-defined defect management process and equal availability of information can help all parties come to satisfying and productive agreements.


Peter Varhol, Seapine Software

Peter Varhol is a technology manager and writer with extensive knowledge and experience in computer software and management of computer products. As a technology product manager, he has led the market-driven development strategy of several tools for professional developers. As a technology writer, editor, and manager, Peter has investigated and written hundreds of articles on advances in the Internet and web, software development, embedded systems, operating systems, networking, and other technical software and hardware. As a college professor and industry speaker, he has explained and demonstrated fundamentals and advanced techniques in computing and information systems. Peter is currently software quality evangelist for Seapine Software.