As companies begin relying more on their collaboration sites and enterprise content management solutions for line of business support, it is becoming increasingly important to test these solutions. Many of these solutions support internal, external, and mobile access by employees, customers, and partners through intranet, extranet, and internet sites. Although the robust out-of-the-box features of these solutions may not need to be tested, the company specific configuration and customizations should be verified. Similar to applications, these collaboration and content management solutions are subject to changes including new versions, upgrades, and patches that can impact the functionality of the business applications built on them. In this session, you will learn how to approach testing collaboration and content management solutions by identifying core functionality, building and organizing a re-usable test repository, and aligning testing scope to risk mitigation. SharePoint will be used as an example of a collaboration and content management solution. Learn about this new opportunity for QA to provide added value to your company.

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Mike Beaudin is the Vice President of the Application Lifecycle Management practice at MPS Partners. He has over 20 years of experience implementing and managing corporate Content Management Systems and Collaboration Systems. Mike has held the positions of CTO and CIO in enterprise organizations and startups. The responsibilities of these positions required the assurance of high availability of systems and high quality deployments through structured processes. Mike has spent years working with organizations to help improve quality within their operations.

Nancy Kastl is an accomplished professional with over twenty-five years experience as a consultant, director, facilitator, and instructor in software quality and testing. As an entrepreneur and consultant, she brings her expertise to management teams in strategic planning, measurement, quality management, software testing, process re-engineering, program management offices, and project management. As the director of the TAP Group’s quality practice, she provides leadership for the On-shore Testing Studio in Chicago with a mission to retool and provide jobs for unemployed Americans, veterans and individuals with disabilities. Nancy is a former VP of Quality Assurance at Harris Bank and is the founder and President of the Chicago Quality Assurance Association. Nancy is a frequent conference speaker and is currently the QUEST conference chairperson. She has served on the Purdue University's IT Advisory Committee and the QAI Global Institute’s Certification Board.