Most process improvement efforts fail to produce the desired results or achieve any lasting benefit. And so, in the current climate of cost cutting initiatives, it has become increasingly difficult to convince budget conscious executives to invest in quality improvements. Despite this challenging reality, on-going improvement is necessary for organizations to remain competitive. To help testers be ready to successfully overcome this challenge, this practical workshop defines a framework for establishing a business case for investing in improvements to quality and test related practice. The framework goes beyond ROI and helps testers understand how to quantify the value derived from quality investments in terms that business leadership finds compelling. Stephanie will show you how the framework can be leveraged strategically to drive incremental improvements, establish near term wins, and help build momentum for a quality minded culture. Join Stephanie and receive the keys to selling, and ultimately implementing, all the great quality improvement techniques you’ve learned during this conference.

  • Communicate the impact of poor quality in terms of quantifiable cost and cost avoidance
  • Explore different types of quality investments and how they can be translated into business value
  • Learn to assess potential investments to determine which will provide the greatest value

Workshop Leader:

Stephanie Chace, Meridian Technologies

Stephanie Chace has worked in the software and technology industry for 25 years and has accumulated a wide range of experience in hardware manufacturing, software development, quality assurance, research, and data modeling. She has worked in many different roles, including hands on software, hardware, and infrastructure development with over eight years focused on people, process, and program management. Her experience spans a number of industry sectors including defense and finance, and companies from small to very large in size. For the past 14 years, Stephanie’s focus has been on developing and leading teams responsible for test automation, automation infrastructure, and quality best practice.