Software regression testing is an essential and challenging task for software test groups. As any software application expands and evolves, it becomes increasingly complex and difficult to test every piece of functionality. And, it becomes imperative to understand the key attributes that can lead to a comprehensive, lean, and effective regression test bed. Allstate Insurance Company, along with an outsourcing partner, collaborated on a regression transformation initiative for a very complex policy administration application. This application undergoes constant changes across multiple releases during the year. The initiative implemented a very structured, scientific, and statistical approach to create an effective regression test bed that maximizes coverage, optimizes scenarios, and is easily maintainable for ongoing updates. Join Beverly and Ashwini to discuss key imperatives for regression testing, a structured approach to building a regression suite and the implementation of statistical techniques and tools to maximize coverage with an optimized set of test cases.

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Coming soon!Beverly Edwards, Allstate Insurance Company

Beverly Edwards has spent her entire 26 year career with Allstate Insurance Company. She started as a programmer and worked her way into upper management within the technology organization. She has experience leading teams in annuity and life product development, operations support, and compliance. She has also led a PMO. Beverly is currently leading a centralized QC organization. Her team consists of both in-sourced and outsourced workers. Over the past 2 years, she has worked with top tier sourcing partners to improve a Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) and provide software testing services. Beverly holds FLMI, AAPA, ACS, and PMP certifications.