Exploratory software testing is a powerful approach and can leverage the intuitive knowledge of the business or product being developed. It provides guidance to the journey of uncovering defects and begins to answer the questions of “what if.” Exploratory testing is not just ad hoc testing, though. It is a scientific process and requires a skilled tester to understand the process and expectations of the desired result. Exploratory testing is parallel with learning, test design, and test execution. In other words, exploratory testing allows the tester to control the design of the tests as those tests are performed and use the information gained while validating new and improved test scenarios. This workshop will focus on the benefits of exploratory testing, explain the situational activities, and provide hand on practice of the concepts. It will provide insights into how to manage exploratory testing, where it is best suited, the productivity gain, and how to put ET into action.

  • Learn to manage the expectations of exploratory testing
  • Explore the situational practice of exploratory testing
  • Understand how to leverage exploratory testing in the real world


Peggy Schretter, Trustmark Insurance Company

Peggy Schretter has over 30 years of corporate experience in management roles. She has extensive discipline knowledge in quality engineering practices focused on quality assurance and implementing Testing Centers of Excellence. These many different test experiences have given her a keen understanding of, not only the impact quality has on the company’s overall business objectives, but the company’s brand within the marketplace. Peggy is an executive level manager focused on delivering high-quality and value realized test solutions with measurable returns on the testing investments. She has been recognized for developing high performance teams that support successful long-term client and customer relationships through consistent delivery of value.