New methods and technologies for software engineering and testing are creating collaboration across the various specialized IT disciplines. QUEST provides a broad range of topics across those disciplines as well as focused sessions by role.


Featured Track: For the agilist as well as those interested in learning more about agile methods, QUEST provides a dedicated agile track on both Wednesday and Thursday. Learn about Scrum, user stories, agile transformations, communications, the backlog, test automation, success stories, and the pitfalls and perils of agile. View track sessions.

Featured Class: If you are challenged with testing agile projects, you wouldn’t want to miss Monday’s class, Transition to Agile Testing, taught by a leading expert, Janet Gregory, co-author of the book Agile Testing.


Featured Track: QUEST provides test manager, project manager, and application manager sessions from across all tracks to increase your knowledge of best practices for software engineering and testing. Additionally, on Wednesday and Thursday, managers can attend a track focused on people and team skills, organizational change, quality management, and measurement. View track sessions.

Featured Workshop: Designed specifically for managers, QAI’s exclusive Manager’s Solutions Workshop on Monday and Tuesday provides the opportunity for managers to address their challenges with subject matter experts and peer managers in an interactive workshop setting.

Process and Assessment

Featured Track: Process engineers and individuals involved in process improvement have a dedicated track on Wednesday focused on assessments and process. Learn how to identify your best software practices, assess your testing organization’s maturity, eliminate waste in your processes, and sustain your process improvement over the long run to realize greater benefits. View track sessions.

Featured Class: If you want to improve your processes and sustain the improvement benefits, then join Gail Borotto in her Monday class, Building and Sustaining Value-Based Processes. Gail is a certified greenbelt in LEAN Six Sigma and an authorized SEI CMMI instructor.

Requirements / Business Analysis

Featured Track: Business Analysts and other others who are responsible for defining and managing requirements have a dedicated track on Thursday focused on requirements and business processes. Learn about optimizing your requirements process, defining executable requirements, leveraging use cases, creating a model office for business processes validation, and blending requirements and user stories. View track sessions.

Featured Class: If requirements continue to be a challenge in your projects, then Monday’s class, The Audacity of Quality Requirements, will equip you with the toolkit you need for defining and managing requirements.

Test Automation

Featured Track: On Thursday, QUEST provides test automation engineers with a dedicated track including sessions on automation frameworks, end-to-end automation of ERP software, risk-based automation assessment, and open source tools vs. integrated testing tools. Additionally, QUEST EXPO talks provide insight into the latest tools and approaches for test automation. View track sessions.

Featured Class: Whether you are already performing test automation or you are just starting, you will benefit greatly from David Dang’s class, Five Common Test Automation Approaches.

Testing Practices

Featured Track: Each day at QUEST at least two tracks feature sessions on testing practices for QA/testing leads and testers. There are core topics such as test planning, test design, integration testing, regression testing, user acceptance testing, and performance testing along with emerging topics such as cloud, security, usability, exploratory, web accessibility, and mobile. View track sessions.

Featured Class: The two-day Essentials of Software Testing class instructs QA and software testing professionals on concepts, strategies, and techniques to develop a complete understanding of the testing process and how it impacts the entire software project.