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Principles and Practices of Software Testing

Looking to learn the fundamental principles and practices of software testing? Then register now for the 2-day Essentials of Software Testing course at QUEST 2012! A combination of lecture, interactive discussion, classroom exercises and discussions are used to build an understanding of the testing process and its relationship to the overall software project.

The primary objective of this course is to introduce and instruct QA and software testing professionals on concepts, strategies, and techniques in order to develop a total understanding of the testing process and how it impacts the software project. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify critical testing tasks for each testing lifecycle phase
  • Determine critical success factors for a project and how to prioritize them
  • Perform risk analysis based on impact, likelihood, and other factors
  • Better develop a detailed test plan on how to measure its effectiveness
  • Identify different types of test coverage
  • Plan and execute thorough regression testing

This exciting class will be taught by Bob Crews, President of Checkpoint Technologies. Bob is a consultant and trainer with over 22 years of IT experience including full life-cycle development involving development, requirements management, and software testing. He has consulted and trained for over 200 different organizations and has presented at numerous conferences and user groups throughout the world.

Read the full course description and register by February 17 to save $100!