EXPO Talks

If you are looking to learn more about specific products and services showcased by EXPO exhibitors, then the EXPO Talks are designed for you! Starting on Wednesday afternoon and ending with the EXPO Reception, these Talks are short 30-minute sessions featuring innovative product demos or service presentations. You will have the chance to talk with exhibitor representatives and have your questions answered away from the busy EXPO booths. The EXPO Talks are a convenient one-stop-shopping to learn the latest about products and services.

EXPO Talk Three Tips for Making Your Web Functional Tests More Stable
Jim Holmes, Telerik
Wednesday, May 2
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Automating web functional tests can be a frustrating exercise when you’re dealing with JavaScript and dynamic content like AJAX. This session will show you the fundamentals behind common problems and walk you through creating solid, maintainable tests. You’ll leave this session with knowledge to make your web functional tests more reliable and less stressful! Examples will be using WebDriver in C# and Telerik’s Test Studio.


EXPO Talk Testing in Application Lifecycle Management
Mike Beaudin, MPS Partners
Wednesday, May 2
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM
Learn about the importance of a full Application Lifecycle Management strategy and how the role of testing is expanding. In this overview of Application Lifecycle Management you will see how a business idea evolves into a set of requirements, which can be coded, tested and finally put into production ready to be supported. This session will then focus on the role of the tester and the importance of being involved early on to ensure high quality testing. This session will finally touch upon how Microsoft has created an integrated tool set of Team Foundation Server with Microsoft Test Manager and Visual Studio, that will engage Business Analysts, Project Managers, Engineers, Test Teams, Architects and Business Users as part of a complete Application Lifecycle Management strategy.

EXPO Talk Innovate QA/Test Processes with Model-Based Testing
Yaxiong Lin, TestOptimal, LLC
Wednesday, May 2
2 :30 PM – 3:00 PM
Model-based Testing (MBT) is an emergent, next generation software testing methodology, that enables QA and test engineers to revolutionize QA and testing processes to face today’s challenges. In this EXPO talk, I will demonstrate the efficiency and agility MBT tool can bring to your organization. Through live demo using TestOptimal, you will experience the entire MBT process from modeling to automatic test generation and test automation. You will see how easy it is to handle changes and propagate the changes efficiently through out the process. You will also witness how quickly it is to build a load testing suite by re-purposing the existing models and automation suites with no additional script. Come and learn how you can supercharge your QA and testing process with MBT/TestOptimal like no other test design and test automation tools can.


EXPO Talk How to Automate 100% of Your Data Across the ETL Process with QuerySurge
Al Rago, Analytics8
Wednesday, May 2
3:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Testing data warehouses and BI systems is often done at the end of the project by testing reports and dashboards. However, this is the slowest and most expensive way to build your decision support system. Let us introduce you to QuerySurge, the only Automated Testing Tool made to test data warehouses, data marts, database migrations and upgrades. QuerySurge validates up to 100% of all data throughout the ETL process, automates all tasks throughout the data warehouse testing cycle, measures and tracks data warehouse data integrity over time with low per-cycle overhead, profiles the performance of your data warehouse architecture components, generates high-level and granular reports on completed tests, and provides an audit trail for regulatory compliance while meeting data integrity standards. Come and see what it looks like to test all of your data, reduce risk, and save time and money with Analytics8 and QuerySurge.


EXPO Talk iQA® – ETL Test Automation Solution
Sandesh Gawande, iCEDQ Soft
Wednesday, May 2
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Projects such as data warehouse, CRM, MDM, and Migration are data centric and involve ETL and data testing. Conventional test automation tools, designed for application testing are not useful in such data intensive projects. On the other hand manual ETL Testing can be slow and expensive. iCEDQ Soft has introduced iQA® an ETL test automation solution for testing faster and effectively with less resource, time and money. iQA® is web based, collaborative and supports team interaction and communication. Join this session to learn more about the rules execution engine, specifically designed for data testing and your ability to compare and test data across databases/files. Learn how you can manage requirements, test cases or integrate with tool like HP Quality Center. See how your return on test automation investment can be months and not years!


EXPO Talk The IT Capability Maturity Framework
Tony Timbol, David Consulting Group
Thursday, May 3
9:45 AM – 10:45 AM
Leveraging and optimizing the value of technology amid competing forces is a challenge. The IT Capability Maturity Framework provides innovative and leading edge knowledge and practices backed by corporate experience and solid research. IT-CMF has been designed to drive the idea of value within IT. Leaders understand their actions are crucial to drive value creation to new levels. Functional managers like quality assurance and test program leaders need to understand how to identify, measure and talk about value to Senior leadership to compete for scarce IT budget dollars. Let me ask you two key questions: If you could manage your IT Testing Budget to drive innovation and revenue generation instead of just cutting costs, how would that help you grow? If you could manage your IT testing capability so you could spend on high return priorities instead of emergency projects that distract, how would that benefit you?

David Consulting Group

EXPO Talk Testing Center of Excellence – Maturity Levels
Tim Kelso and Arindam Chatterjee, Wipro
Thursday, May 3
10:15 AM – 10:45 AM
Wipro’s Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) is a testing organization framework addressing all the business levers of Quality, Cost & Time and also addresses the need for consistency , scalability and predictability in the current economic scenario. Testing today is not limited to the “Test Phase”, but covers the complete Software Development Life Cycle. There are unique testing tools created to help you assist in every step of your testing lifecycle. We will share our common critical success factors from our implementations where you can align your Testing Organizations to your business goals. Learn the benefits that TCoE can bring to your own organization and then apply a Testing Center of Excellence maturity model. The key takeaways that the audience member will be able to take from our presentation will be a TCoE Maturity Matrix description that they can apply to their own situation, typical benefits and selling points of a TCoE that will be of interest to your organization.


EXPO Talk Eliminate the “no repro” Bug with Improved Developer and Tester Collaboration
Raj Krishnan, Microsoft
Thursday, May 3
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Use Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 to eliminate the “no repro” bug with improved developer and tester collaboration. From the design of the application through to the actual writing of the code, one of the most difficult problems has always been that of the bug that can’t be reproduced – the “no-repro” bug. Microsoft Test Manager helps you easily define your testing effort for a specific iteration in your project, run manual tests, file bugs and measure your progress. You can create test plans, manage test suites, test configurations and test cases to define the testing required. Stop by and experience the incredible power and capabilities these tools bring to the QA and testing process. At this session, you’ll get a comprehensive overview, as well as a deep dive, into the range of tools and how they can enable you to improve the way you develop and test software on the Microsoft platform.


EXPO Talk Test and Lab Management with TFS for Test Automation
Randy Pagels, Microsoft
Thursday, May 3
11:30 AM – 12:00 PM
This session will provide an overview of the Microsoft Visual Studio Lab Management tool, an integrated platform that provides end-to-end support for virtual lab and environment management. We will demonstrate how to use Lab Management as a means of automating the creation and tear down of virtual environments for testing purposes. Lab Management enables teams to create environment templates, provision ring-fenced environments, and checkpoint these environments. These checkpoints can be attached to bugs filed, enabling developers to open the environment right to the appropriate point in the application flow and more easily repro bugs. Stop by and see how to facilitate a robust testing lifecycle using Microsoft Visual Studio Lab Management to virtualize your test lab today.


EXPO Talk Automating Structural Quality Gate
Peter Pizzutillo, CAST Software
Thursday, May 3
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Capers Jones states that 30% of all defects are cause by underlying quality issues: architectural, code, and structural areas that functional testing does not assess. A Structural Quality Gate is a MUST-have for organizations that seek to insure the reduction of defects that cause performance, stability, and maintenance issues. A Structural Quality Gate supplements traditional testing process and fit seamlessly into your existing strategy and toolset. A Structural Quality Gate deliver significant value because it targets application structural quality to identify problems that traditional testing cannot. This presentation with describe a Structural Quality Gate, how it meshes with traditional testing and demonstrate the value of improving application structural quality.

EXPO Talk Exploratory Testing Made Easy
Tim Bower, Original Software
Thursday, May 3
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM
Cem Kaner coined the phrase “exploratory testing” nearly 30 years ago to make a distinction between scripted testing and exploratory testing. In exploratory testing, the tester as an explorer is accountable for using new knowledge to optimize the value of his/her work, changing focus and techniques whenever this seems most useful. This session will highlight how the task of documenting and re-creating defects during exploratory testing, which is often a criticism of this testing approach, can be simplified using a new and unique technique pioneered by Original Software.

Original Software

EXPO Talk Functional Testing for Mobile Devices
Clint Sprauve, Borland-Micro Focus
Thursday, May 3
2:30 PM – 3:00 PM
The mobile landscape is constantly changing and evolving. There’s a constant increase in the number of devices and increased competition between the major mobile OS providers. How can testers keep up and manage these as they strive to stabilize and build reusable, maintainable regression test suites?
Join Clint Sprauve, Director of Product Marketing & Strategy for Borland Solutions, as he provides an overview of Silk Mobile, the new mobile testing solution for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Window Mobile, and Symbian.


EXPO Talk In-The-Wild Testing for Mobile Apps
Peter Shih, uTest
Thursday, May 3
3:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Whether you’ve pursued the path towards mobile web or native app (or both), it’s increasingly impossible to ensure testing coverage across the endless permutations and combinations of mobile handsets, OS, browsers, carriers, languages, and locations. But while your internal resources may be finite, there are tens of thousands of professional testers all over the world representing the same, vast array of your end user base. Using real-world success stories from Google and Microsoft, Peter Shih will reveal the secrets to testing in-the-wild, exploring where the method fits and where it doesn’t, to ensure tech execs are armed to meet the challenges that mobile technologies present to the world of testing.


EXPO Talk Challenges in Performance Testing of Service Oriented Architecture
Ameet Patil, Scalar USA
Thursday, May 3
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM
There are multiple open sources tools available for performance testing. However, such tools are mainly used for static web testing and there are challenges faced during SOA performance testing. When dealing with XML-based transactions and SOAP, the static nature of these tools becomes a bottleneck because they do not accommodate unique-wire signature standards of the messaging patterns as it happens in actual service transactions. Debugging of incorrect input messages is problematic, as the tools cannot identify the exact cause of a failed request. Difficulties occur in penetrating the level of security and allowing adequate identity provisions so that messages can invoke the service. This discussion will be completely solution oriented and questions/challenges from the attendees will also be addressed.


EXPO Talk Test Automation in Agile Development Environments
Viswanath Maddali, ValueMomentum, Inc.
Thursday, May 3
4:00 PM – 4:30 PM
See a demonstration of an automation framework that enables testers to partner with developers in agile development environments. The demonstration of the framework will highlight how testers can minimize lag with developers, while maximizing coverage, so that already done features keep working, known defects are prevented from resurfacing and build crashes are avoided. Learn how a flexible test automation architecture can meet the demand for frequent changes expected in agile development. The demonstration will highlight such a test automation framework set in an agile development environment using ALM tools.