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This year’s QUEST Magazine, sponsored by SQS Group, is a must-read for IT professionals serious about quality software. In addition to providing a comprehensive schedule of sessions and activities at the QUEST 2012 Conference & EXPO, this year’s magazine also includes a full slate of original articles written by IT professionals about some of the hottest trends in software quality. Download the QUEST Magazine for FREE!

Featured Articles

Identifying Your Organization’s Best Software Practices

David Herron from the David Consulting Group explores the definition and criteria for defining a “best practice” to help you better document your own software development best practices. Read the full article.

ETL Projects Don’t Have To Be So Hard

What can be done to ensure the success of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) projects? Al Rago and Rob Wozniak of Analytics8 cover a series of best practices for limiting the impact of the unexpected. Read the full article.

Agility with Traceability: Blending Requirements and User Stories

How can teams combine requirements and user stories within the context of the same project? Peter Varhol of Seapine Software outlines an approach that results in a better understanding of the use of the application and the needs of the users. Read the full article.

Web Accessibility As Part of Quality Assurance

Ray Campbell from the TAP Group defines “Web Accessibility” and discusses why website accessibility is as important a quality assurance issue as any other testing requirement. Read the full article.

In-the-Wild Testing: The Case for Real-World QA

Doron Reuveni, CEO and co-founder of uTest, examines a fundamental link missing in the QA chain and the merits of in-the-wild-testing. Read the full article.

The Three Aspects of Software Quality: Functional, Structural, and Process

What exactly is software quality? How do the perceptions and expectations of different stakeholders change this definition? David Chappell of David Chappell & Associates helps examines this important issue. Read the full article.

Throw-Away Test Automation

As traditional test automation becomes too cumbersome, George Wilson, COO of Original Software, makes the case for throw away automation. Read the full article.

Maintenance Phase Testing – The Significant Value in Doing it Right!

We all know the value of testing during product development, but are we paying the same attention to testing during the maintenance phase? Gireendra Kasmalkar from the SQS Group explores the significant benefits that can be realized by testing in the maintenance phase. Read the full article.

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Eliminate Waste and Sustain Value!

Are you a process engineers or involved in process improvement? Then be sure to make the most of your QUEST 2012 experience by attending the many sessions included in the Process and Assessment Track. Learn how to identify your best software practices, assess your testing organization’s maturity, eliminate waste in your processes, and sustain your process improvement over the long run to realize greater benefits with educational opportunities across three days. These include:

Process and Assessment Class: “Build and Sustain Value Based Processes”
This one-day course walks through the life cycle of process development and definition, improvement, maintenance, and follow-up for continuous improvement. The class examines business and system development related processes and references techniques commonly useful for any process improvement effort including LEAN Six Sigma, capability and maturity model approaches, and industry best practices.Explore the full class objectives and outline online.

Process and Assessment Tutorials
Maximize your training dollars and enhance your educational experience by registering for these half-day, in-depth tutorials:

Process and Assessment Sessions
Wednesday’s conference schedule boasts a full slate of process-focused sessions: